Summer Reading FAQ

How does the 2017 Summer Reading Program work?   It’s all in the “Build a Better World!” brochure available mid-June, but if you’re looking for the answer to a frequently asked question please read the questions and answers below.

When can we sign up?  Anytime starting June 12.  Just visit the Children’s Library at Tiverton Public Library,   34 Roosevelt Ave., Tiverton, RI 02878 or call 401-625-6796 ext. 3.  The summer program runs from June 29 to August 9, 2017

How old do you have to be to participate?  Babies-children entering Grade 5 may be registered in our program.

My child does not read yet. Can he/she still participate?  Yes, pre-readers can be registered in the Read-to-Me portion of our program.  Pre-readers can be read to by Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, grandma, grandpa, a babysitter/caregiver, or any person willing to take time to read to your child.

How many books do I need to read or listen to? This summer all children who read or listen to 6 books over our 6-week program meet our minimum reading/listening requirements and will earn a certificate of completion.  Choose one of two levels for completing our 2017 Summer Reading Program:

  • Level 1, BUILDERS:  Read or listen to 6 or more books this summer. Six books equals six blocks.  Your goal is to build a six block ‘Tower of Reading’ to help build, maintain or improve reading skills over summer break. 
  • Level 2, POWER BUILDERS:  Read or listen to 10 or more books this summer.  Ten books equal ten blocks.  Your goal is to build a ten, or more, block ‘Power Tower’ to stretch and strengthen reading skills over summer break.  The sky’s the limit! This summer turn your Power Tower into a SKYSCRAPER!

*All books count.Children are encouraged to read at the level they have achieved in school or at a level above to stretch and strengthen their reading skills.Remember E-books and books on cd count too!

*Picture books take an estimated ten minutes or less to read or listen to.  We encourage you to read or listen to 36 picture books during our six-week program. That’s just one hour of reading or listening time per week.  This adds up to 6 hours of summer reading or listening time!

 How do I keep track of the books I read or listened to ?

a. You can write the titles of the books you read or listened to in your Reading Record.  Your Reading Record is kept at the Tiverton Public Library.

b. Or track your reading at home in a Book Log available at the Children’s Library Information Desk.  Write titles of the books you’ve read or listened to on the numbered lines. Please be sure your name, first and last, and age is listed at the top of your Book Log.  *Book Logs must be returned to the Tiverton Public Library by Monday, August 7 so your reading certificate of success can be ready by our Final Event on Wednesday, August 9.  *We’ll staple your Book Log in your Reading Record.

May I take my Reading Record home? No, Reading Records remain at the Tiverton Public Library.  Book Logs may be taken home but must be returned to the Tiverton Public Library by closing time on Monday, August 7, 2017 so certificates may be ready for our final event.

What can I read this summer? Any books you choose to read. We’ll also have a themed book display in the Children’s Room with suggestions you can choose from. Or, read a book from the 2018 Rhode Island Children’s Book Award Nominee List.  Please ask a librarian if you need suggestions.

Can I read books from home? The first 6 books you read or listen to should be from the library. After all, books are our business! After you log 6 library books in your Reading Record or on your Book Log then you may read or listen to any books from anywhere.

Do I have to go to the library every day? No, the Summer Reading Program is a flexible program.  You can come to the library during any open library hours whenever you have transportation to get here. Please note:  If you want to come to the library every day you will be welcome!

Do I have to have a library card? Yes.  If you don’t have a library card, ask the librarian how to get one.

I can’t  attend  any  of  the  Special  Events  at  the  Tiverton  Public  Library.  Can I still join the Summer Program?Yes, the Special Events are just a fun part of the program for anyone who is able to attend.

Do we get prizes?Yes, but you must be a reading club member.  Read or listen to 1 book to receive a ‘Build a Better World’ bookbag with a pack of coupons inside good for free, or reduced, admission to local attractions. Read or listen to a total of 5 books to receive a ‘Goody Bag’ with 4 surprises inside.  *Most prizes are designed for ages 3+.  During week six, babies through age 2 will receive a board book.  If prizes run out, substitutions will be made.

Are there more prizes? Yes, when you complete summer reading requirements by reading or listening to 6 or more books. Final prizes include a coupon good for a free Subway KidsPak Meal and a free book that you get to choose from our ‘Build a Better World!” selection (free books will be available directly after our August 9 special event through August 31)

Can  I  participate  if  I’m  going  on  vacation  or  to  camp for a  few  weeks ?Absolutely!  Just come in when you can, and read on your vacation.  Rainy days are especially great for reading. 

Can  I  enter  the  “Guess  How  Many  in  the  Jar ?” contest ? Yes.  All summer reading club members and any children through age 12 are eligible to take a guess.  You may enter each time you visit the library but only once per day through July 31, 2017.

When does the children’s summer reading program end? August 9, 2017!  Remember to attend our final special event at Tiverton Public Library on Wednesday, August 9 at 10:30 AM.  Children who completed the summer reading program will receive a free book in the Children’s Activity Room immediately following the final event.  If summer reading requirements were met, summer reading certificates of success, may also be collected after the final special event in the Children’s Activity Room. If you can’t attend the final event and completed the program, reading certificates (and free book) can be collected in the Children’s Library through August 31, 2017.

How much does the Summer Reading Program cost? It’s FREE!

How much does it cost to attend a Special Event?  Admission is FREE for our Special Events. 


See you this summer! 

Ms. Janet/Children’s Librarian