Above the Influence: Resources for Teens

Above the Influence: Join teens who are committed to staying above the influence. This website gives you a chance to define yourself and stand up for who you are and who you can be.

Addiction Recovery: A directory of websites for drug and treatment programs for children and teens from the Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base website.

The Cool Spot: Information on why cool teens don’t drink.

How to Deal with Drug Addiction: Tips for how to stay away from drugs from TeensHealth.org

Tiverton Prevention Coalition: The Coalition is looking for teens who are above the influence of alcohol and want to help others their age be drug and alcohol-free right here in Tiverton.


The More You Know

Facts about Alcohol: Facts about Alcohol from the CoolSpot.gov

"The Grim Neurology of Teenage Drinking": Article from the New York Times

Symptoms of Drug Abuse: Symptoms of Drug Abuse from the the Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base website.

"Teen Drinking May Cause Irreversible Brain Damage": Article from NPR.org

Tips on How to Handle Peer Pressure: Peer Pressure tips from the CoolSpot.gov

"Smoking, Alcohol Pose Unique Risks for Teens": Article from NPR.org


Need Help? Don't be afraid to ask.

TeenLine,  Get Helpline: If you have a problem or just want to get help from another teen, visit this website.

As hard as it may feel, talk to your parents, your school counselor, or an adult that you trust if you need help.